We are pleased to offer a full spectre of accounting services, based on our customer’s needs and individual requests. 

At City Consult, we can structure your company’s accounting policies, assist with administrative services and bookkeeping, provide full annual and Year End accounts, and deliver professional accounting advice. On behalf of our clients we can deal with the local governtment authorities and community administration. Our professional staff are always on top of the legal framework, thus guaranteeing a sound operational accounting system and customer satisfaction at all times.

Tax advice

We can help you optimise your taxes in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation, provide you with tailored tax advice, and reduce your risk of potential penalties and interest added due to delayed tax payments. 

At City Consult, understanding the specifics of your business is our key towards providing tailored services to every client individually. We are here to be the first point of contact for your tax consultations, advice or representation in any situation and we promise to deliver quick and professional solution. 

Financial Audit

At City Consult we know the true value that a thorough audit can bring to your business:

  • more clarity and transparency, thus facilitating potential investor decisions;
  • current business snapshot, thus highlighting indications for management improvement;
  • more trust in your financial results and better image of your company.

Our professional team of auditors has many years of experience in the field, spread across a wide range of business sectors. We offer independent and timely audit, combined with years of expertise, which is a vital form of maintaining the credibility of your company. 

Consulting services

At City Consult, we stand behind our client’s success by helping them develop and execute the best strategy for their business.

We analyse the key fundamentals of your business by utilising our deep knowledge and expertise in corporate finance, risk management and legal regulations. Based on our analyses, we develop a strategic action plan and we help you with its proper execution. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need consultancy in any of the following:

  • sales and acquisitions of new companies or assets;
  • debt and/or capital finance;
  • assistance with new project development.

Helping our clients grow their business is at the heart of City Consult.

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